Question: Why did the original Magcon break up?

The “original” Magcon originally disintegrated due to contract disputes, and is currently a shadow of its former self. As of writing, its #4OutOf9SoFar, with Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff and Aaron Carpenter tipped to join a worldwide Magcon reunion tour.

When did the original Magcon end?

In 2013-2014 the group toured the United States holding conventions where fans could meet and interact with the internet celebrities. The original Magcon group broke up after the tour ended in 2014.

Does Cameron Dallas still do Magcon?

Since Magcon, Cameron has become a model, actor and singer. The social media star kicked off his music career in 2015 and has released three singles since then. He also filmed a Netflix reality show called Chasing Cameron, which premiered in 2016.

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