Question: How do I show the current date in Blogger template?

How do I add date and time to Blogger?

You can change the way the date/time is displayed on your posts by going to the Layout section of your blogs dashboard. From there, edit the Blog Posts gadget, as shown below: In the panel that pops up, you can change the dates displayed, as shown below.

How do you add a clock to Blogger?

Go to your Blogger Dashboard. Click “Layout”. Choose the section where you want to display the clock. Click “Add a Gadget”.

How do I use Blogger templates?

Choose a themeSign in to Blogger.At the top left, click the Down arrow .Click a blog to update.In the left menu, click Theme.Select your theme, and at the bottom, click Apply. To save a copy of your theme, in the top right, click More Backup. Download.

How do I upload a 2020 template to Blogger?

Heres how to install a Blogger template youve downloaded from another site:Log in to Blogger, and on your Blogger Dashboard, click the Design link.Click the Edit HTML tab.Click the Download Full Template link and save it to your computer. Unzip the template file you downloaded from another site.More items

Can you backdate a post on Blogger?

Set a past or future publish date for an unpublished post You can publish a new blog post with a publish date in the past, or schedule it to be posted on a future date. New blog posts with a publish date in the future will not appear on your live site or trigger blog notification emails until that date.

How do I add gadgets on Blogger?

Steps to add a gadget to your blog on BloggerStep 1: First of all, you need to sign in to Blogger.Step 2: Then, you have to choose the blog to update.Step 3: Here, you need to click Layout present in the left menu.Step 4: In the area where you want to add something, you have to click Add a Gadget.More items •Jan 26, 2020

How do I add date and time to my website?

If you want to show the client-side date, use javascript (see above) instead. We configure the time format (timefmt) first using a #config, then #echo (output) the LOCAL_DATE:

Date/Time: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm