Question: Is Firstmet com a legitimate site?

FirstMet is not a basic, general dating site. FirstMet strives to give you a low friction, no pressure environment to like, match, and connect with real people in your area and around the world. FirstMet is not promising marriage but instead offering a meeting place for happiness in many different forms.

Who owns FirstMet?

Contact detailsCompany:PeerStream Inc.E-Mail:help@firstmet.comAddress:122 E. 42nd Street, Suite 2600, New York, NY 10168

When was FirstMet created?

When was FirstMet created? FirstMet was first introduced in 2007 under the name AreYouInterested (AYI).

How do I delete my FirstMet account?

Firstmet is a popular dating app .How to delete a Firstmet account?1 Open the Firstmet app.2 Tap on the 3 dots (upper right corner) and choose Account settings.3 You can now select deactivate account on the settings page.4 Confirm that you really want to remove your account.

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