Question: Who first called the Atlantic the pond?

The text is a record of a conversation between two courtiers of Charles I, Lord John Finch and Sir Francis Windebank. Although the text above has been taken by some as the first use of the name the great pond for the Atlantic, this isnt correct. Neither Finch nor Windebank ever travelled to America.

Why do they call the Atlantic the pond?

Here in Britain, when we say across the pond or the other side of the pond we might be referring to the Atlantic Ocean and the United States. Because theres so much contact between the two continents, we compare the ocean to a pond.

Who calls the Atlantic the pond?

The Oxford Dictionary says an understatement is the presentation of something as being smaller or less good or important than it really is. So to call the Atlantic Ocean a pond, which is around 3,000 miles wide between New York and Ireland, is a witty understatement. The British enjoy expressing things this way.

Is the Atlantic called the pond?

The Pond is an informal term for the Atlantic Ocean.

What does crossing the pond mean?

Idiom: Across the pond Meaning: This idiom means on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, used to refer to the US or the UK depending on the speakers location.

Where did the term across the pond come from?

A search of the Library of Congresss Chronicling America database for instances where across the pond means across the ocean go back to 1837. In the earliest matches, the pond in question is the Atlantic Ocean, but later instances (beginning in 1857) use it in connection with the Pacific Ocean.

What is the other side of the pond?

The Other Side Of The Pond is a novel that will bring the truth concerning your existence to the bank of the waters edge and impel you to cross the pond.It will affect the way you view monetary issues,cultural differences,religious beliefs and political affiliations.It will allow you to witness the scathing power of a

What does it mean to cross the pond?

(informal) On or to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. We flew across the pond.

Whats the meaning of across the pond?

informal. : the other side of the Atlantic Ocean They moved here from across the pond.

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