Question: What is the highest playlist rank in Halo 5?

If you reach the top 200 in the playlist, you get Champion rank. So Onyx is the last rank everyone can get, and Champion is reserved for the best players. You can drop from Champion to Onyx if you are not in the top 200 anymore.

What is the highest Halo 5 rank?

Updated December 21, 2018. At around 9pm EST on March 10th, 2018 I, DoubleSama, became the 267th Halo 5 player to reach the maximum rank in the game (SR 152) according to

What are the competitive ranks in Halo 5?

Competitive Skill RankBronze.Silver.Gold.Platinum.Diamond.Onyx.Champion.

Whats the highest rank in Halo 5: Guardians?

Rank 152 [Locked] Rank 152: Max Rank in Halo 5: Guardians.

Will Halo infinite have ranks?

Infinite will have a Spartan Rank - which is the same as the XP based 1-50 in Reach. We dont know if its 1-50 (Reach), 1-152 (Halo 5), or something else.

How long does it take to max level Halo 5?

about 130 days BRs wrote: 152 is the max rank. It takes 50,000,000 XP to reach that level. The estimated time it would take to reach level 152 would be about 130 days of in-game play time, which is about 15,000 - 20,000 games.

How many hours does it take to reach 152 in Halo 5?

Attaining Halo 5: Guardians max multiplayer level is no joke. Spartan Rank 152 is an absolute grind. When you get to SR 150, youre a little less than halfway to SR 152. Players will typically get there around 70 days spent playing — about 1,600 hours.

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