Question: Can you have a crush on someone you are dating?

When Having A Crush While In A Relationship Is OK (And When Its Not) Feeling attracted to another person is usually harmless. But choosing to act on those feelings could turn an innocent crush into an emotional affair. Having a crush on someone other than your partner while youre in a relationship is totally normal.

Can you date someone without having a crush?

Ultimately, its best not to commit to a relationship with someone until you feel attracted to the person completely. That said, its totally OK to date and see if connection and physical chemistry grow. Initial attraction is like the first chapter of a book. Its the start of a story.

What to do if you have a crush while dating someone?

How To Handle A Crush When Youre Already CommittedRemember that its natural. Have control. Take some time to look at yourself. Acknowledge if youre feeling lonely. Remember that youve been through a lot together — and that should be cherished.18 May 2018

What do you call someone crushing on you?

5 Answers. 5. 2. Smitten/Infatuated/Obsessed might work. Smitten and Infatuated could be similar to crush which might transpire to a more serious and healthy admiration.

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