Question: Where to go to meet girls in Fort Myers?

Where do the locals go in Fort Myers?

Where Locals in Fort Myers Spend Their WeekendsExplore Centennial Park. Whether you spend an hour or an entire day, you can really relax in the 10-acre Centennial Park thats smack dab in the middle of all the action downtown. Hit the Trails. Spend a Day at the Beach. Times Square, Florida Style.

Where can I see lights in Fort Myers?

Holiday Light Sensations on The Beaches of Fort Myers & SanibelTree Lighting Ceremony – Cape Coral. Downtown Fort Myers Tree Lighting. Christmas Boat Parade – Fort Myers Beach. Lighting of the Lighthouse – Boca Grande. Holiday Nights – Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

What is there to do in Fort Myers at Christmas?

Best Things to Do in December in Fort MyersMiromar Outlets. Photo courtesy of Miromar Outlets. Florida Repertory Theatre. Downtown. Christmas Festival. North Fort Myers. Festival of Trees. Downtown. Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. Page Field. Lakes Park Farmers Market. Photo courtesy of Gina Birch. Boat Parades. Holiday In The Park.More items

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