Question: How do I use BuddyPress and bbPress together?

Go to Settings->Forums. There will be settings categorized under BuddyPress Integration. Set the Group Forums Parent option to Group Forums, the new forum youve created in bbPress. Ensure that the Enable Group Forums option is checked.

Does bbPress work with Elementor?

bbPress-Elementor Integration You can use bbPress shortcodes on Elementor to create a forum page with Elementor and Elementor Pro.

How do you use bbPress?

Simply log in to your WordPress admin area and go to Plugins » Add New . Search for bbPress and then select bbPress from results. Install and activate the plugin. Upon activation, you will see the welcome screen for bbPress.

How many users can BuddyPress handle?

Do you think Buddypress can support hundreds of thousands, if not millions of users? In theory, yes, BuddyPress can handle millions of users. BuddyPress will add rows to the database without problem, and that database can scale to a very large size.

Is bbPress responsive?

Overall bbPress is responsive. I can shrink it down to 500px and its fine assuming your theme bumps/hides the sidebar.

How do I change the theme on a bbPress forum?

ContentsStep 1: Install WordPress →Step 2: Install bbPress →Step 3: Edit bbPress Settings →Step 4: Make Some Forums →Step 5: Create a Child Theme →Step 6: Copy the Default bbPress Theme to Your Child Theme Folder →Step 5: Customize the bbPress Theme Files →

How much does bbPress cost?

bbPress is free and listed at, so you can install it just like you would install any other WordPress plugin. Once its installed, youll be able to configure your general forum settings by going to Settings → Forums. And youll also get three new custom post types to manage: Individual forums.

How many users WordPress can handle?

The only thing that can limit you is your server. Youll have to scale it properly, especially MySQL server. For example runs even more then 40000 users, but they use extra powerful systems for stability, tons of load balancers and etc.

How many users can WooCommerce handle?

What is the maximum WooCommerce can handle? Sky is the limit. Weve seen instances of shops with 100,000+ products listed, handling thousands of transactions per minute. In those cases, they had great hosting support and their own developer team focused on optimization.

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