Question: Which religion is the highest in Nigeria?

According to a 2018 estimate in The World Factbook by the CIA, the population is estimated to be 53.5% Muslim, 45.9% Christian (10.6% Roman Catholic and 35.3% other Christian), and 0.6% as other.

Which religion is more populated in Nigeria?

According to estimations from 2018, Nigerias major religion is Islam. Over half of the population is estimated to be Muslim .Distribution of religions in Nigeria in 2018.CharacteristicShare of populationIslam53.5%Roman Catholicism10.6%Other Christian35.3%Other0.6%15 Feb 2021

What religion is dominant in Nigeria?

A 2012 survey by the Pew Research Centers Forum on Religion and Public Life estimated the population to be 49.3 percent Christian and 48.8 percent Muslim, while the remaining 2 percent belong to other or no religions. Many individuals combine indigenous beliefs and practices with Islam or Christianity.

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