Question: Is Reggie Bush still in love with Kim Kardashian?

What happened between Reggie and Kim?

The pair split in 2006. Kim had high-profile relationships with both Nick Lachey and Nick Cannon before finding something steady with former football star Reggie Bush in 2007. They dated until July 2009 when they called it quits. However, they got back together in September and continued dating until March 2010.

Why did Reggie Bush dump Kim?

After dating for two years, Kardashian and Bush briefly broke up in 2009. At the time, sources revealed that the pair were focused on their respective careers and decided that it would best to spend some time as free agents. “They love each other a lot and hope someday they can make it work,” an insider told E! News.

Is Reggie Bush still in love with Kim?

With that said, however, Reggie also revealed that he doesnt stay in touch with Kim. “Shes doing a great job creating a brand for herself, her and her family. Im happy for em … shes very smart.”

Are Sofia and Suitman still together?

Whether or not Sofia is still with Suitman is unclear, as shes remained very private about her dating life since her fallout with Call Her Daddy.

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