Question: Why are single guys unable to find a nice girl?

Do guys know when they lost a good girl?

When a man realizes he lost a good woman When you learn to prioritize your wants and needs in life, the man in your life is more likely to realize that he lost a good woman. It may not happen immediately. He may not be the kind of guy to admit hes made a mistake. In fact, he may do his best to shut off these emotions.

Why dont I have a girlfriend?

Youre too impatient. Youre done being single. You want a girlfriend — tomorrow. So you come on too strong on first dates. You pine over women you barely know, you let your heart ache for them even before you know if you two have any potential whatsoever.

Is it normal to not want a girlfriend?

Its totally normal if you dont want to be in a relationship, because not everyone does. If youre questioning how to say you dont want a relationship, simply tell the person that youre happy to keep it casual, and you arent currently ready for any commitment.

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