Question: Why cant I play Netflix on my projector?

Netflix Wont Play on the Projector A common reason, is you dont have a smart projector or one with Wi-Fi capabilities. If youre using cables or an HDMI kit, check all of the connected cables, in fact, you should read our guide to make sure your kit functions properly.

How can I watch Netflix on my projector?

Just download the Netflix app on your Android, link the device to your projector through the USB-C Gen 3.1 cable or higher (as in the case with the BenQ GV1 or GS2), and the stream to your hearts content.

What projector works with Netflix?

Artlii Play Smart projector:Android TV 9.0 and Stereo Sound Supported! Smart Projector with Android TV 9.0 also Support for WiFi and Bluetooth! One-click control, convenient and hassle-free Netflix home theater!

Can you play Netflix on mini projector?

Netflix content can be cast wirelessly via your laptops Google Chrome Browser or connect to an HDMI cable. Or you can plug a media device like an Apple TV or Chromecast to your projector via HDMI and use the apps installed on the media device.

Why wont my Netflix play on my projector?

Plug the projectors video connection into the video port of the computer and turn on the Projector. Click on Start and select Settings. Select System and then click on Display. This should allow you to play Netflix on a projector without any issues.

How do I watch movies on my mini projector?

Install Your Mini Projector First Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the media player HDMI port then hook up the other end on the projectors HDMI port. If your media player is instead of the mobile variety, use the appropriate cable and port on your projector. They might have to use lighting or a USB-C cable instead.

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