Question: What is the new dating show on ITV2?

Those missing evenings watching Love Island will be pleased to know ITV2 is dropping a brand new dating show. Hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan, Ready to Mingle follows a single girl in her quest to find the perfect boyfriend and the opportunity to share a £50,000 cash prize.

What is the cabin ITV2?

The Cabins is the brand new dating show from ITV2. Dubbed the winter Love Island the new series will see contestants attempt to find true love. The series, which is located in the UK, follows couples as they move into a cabin together, which will also count as their first date.

How often is The Cabins on ITV2?

ITV has confirmed the The Cabins will run for three weeks, meaning it will be on for most of January. It airs every night of the week on ITV2 and each episode is an hour long. If you miss an episode each instalment you will be able to catch up on the ITV Hub afterwards.

What time is The Cabins ITV2?

The Cabins starts on 4th January at 9pm on ITV2.

Where are The Cabins ITV2?

However, were pretty confident that the show was filmed at Hidden River Cabins which is located on a secluded private estate close to the Lake District in Northwest England - have a look below at venues cabins which bear quite the resemblance to those on the dating show.

What does mingle with someone mean?

: to combine or bring together two or more things. : to move around during a party, meeting, etc., and talk informally with different people. See the full definition for mingle in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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