Question: Who has the most sex in Sex and the City?

Samantha Jones had the most partners Samantha, according to the New York Daily News, slept with 41 men and one woman during the shows six-season run.

How many guys has Miranda slept with?

At one point, Miranda admitted that she had already slept with 42 different men. The birth of her son, Brady Hobbes, brings up new issues for her Type A, workaholic personality, but she eventually finds a way to balance her career, being single, and motherhood.

Is there sex in Sex and the City?

The title doesnt lie: Theres tons of sex in the movie. Sex in the shower, sex on beds, even a threesome. Nudity includes several shots of breasts (often heaving in passion), butts, and a quick glimpse of male genitalia.

Do Mr Big and Carrie end up together?

As any Sex and the City fan will remember, Carrie and Big finally got together for real in the series finale of the show back in (year) when Big showed up in Paris, swept Carrie off her feed, and at last declared Youre the one! And the couple finally finally got married in the first Sex and the City movie, after

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