Question: What is the average age gap between couples in Korea?

In four out of 10 internationally married couples in Korea, the husbands are at least 10 years older than their wives. According to the report from the Korea Statistics Thursday, 21,709 international couples got married last year, marking a 3.4 percent drop from 2015. The rate has been declining for the past six years.

What age gap is acceptable in Korea?

The general range for Age different is upto 8 years old.. 1~6 years gap, is normally treated, 7 ~ 8 years feels a bit much but still acceptable.. when is over 9~10 years ~ Korean people normally say the man is ๋„๋‘‘๋†ˆ = a thief..

What is the average age difference between couples in South Korea?

The traditional difference in mean age at marriage between men and women in Korea was around four years. Since abso- lute changes in marriage age over time have been similar for both sexes (see Table 1), the age difference has also remained around four years.

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