Question: Is it weird to give a guy your number?

Giving a man your number is ok but it might be smart to take his if youre really interested. Keep in mind there is also the luxury of social media, you dont need to break that boundary if you dont want it.

Is it rude to give someone your number?

But at the end of the day, its your right to not give out your number for any reason, including because you simply do not want to. No, that doesnt make you stuck up or rude, it just makes you an autonomous human being who gets to decide who does and does not have contact with you.

Is it a good idea to give someone your number?

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your phone number safe from hackers and unscrupulous marketers: Dont give out your phone number online. Unless you trust a person, dont give them your number, even if you bought something from them.

How do you tell a guy you dont want to give him your number?

Just tell him no.For instance, you could say, Thanks for asking, but Im not interested.You can also just give him a number to stay in touch as friends, as long as you are abundantly clear about it. For instance, you could say, I dont mind giving you my number, but I would only do so as friends.

How do you politely refuse to give your number?

6 Ways To Say No When Someone Asks For Your NumberThe direct approach. Keep it short and sweet by simply saying: “Thanks, but Im not interested.”Tell them its just bad timing. Stranger danger. Offer an alternative. Keep your tone casual. Get a Google number.8 Dec 2017

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