Question: How many sugar daddies are there in Ireland?

According to the website, Ireland has the eleventh-largest population of members on Seeking Arrangement with 125,523 sugar babies and 33,858 sugar daddies/mommas.

Is there sugar daddies in Ireland?

According to Kimberly De La Cruz, public relations specialist at Seeking Arrangement, a dating website for sugaring, 99,893 women are currently registered as sugar babies in Ireland, more than triple the amount of men registered who identify as sugar daddies (27,387).

Where can I be a sugar baby?

10 Best Sugar Baby Sites for Mutually Beneficial DatingSeeking Arrangement – The Leading Sugar Baby Site. Sugar Daddy Meet – An Exclusive Dating Site for Sugar Babies. Secret Benefits – Best Free Website for Sugar Babies. Whats Your Price – An Exciting Sugar Baby Website.More items •Jul 6, 2021

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