Question: What is the purpose of a subwoofer in a car?

Car Subwoofer Function The subwoofer is a bass speaker system that can have lower frequencies. The primary function of a subwoofer is to make sound from 10 Hz to 200 Hz. A complete sound will have good musicality with a usual frequency range of around 20 kHz – 29 kHz.

Is subwoofer necessary for car?

A subwoofer is necessary to relieve the bass load that your cars speakers carry as bass naturally takes a larger speaker capacity than any other sound. Factory speakers may not be strong enough to handle an audiophiles desired level of bass. Without a subwoofer, the bass may end up distorting or damaging your system.

What does a subwoofer do in a car?

Subwoofers expand the bass response to reveal sounds in your music that your speakers alone cannot reproduce. The majority of car stereo speakers start dropping off at around 50Hz. But a quality subwoofer will reproduce low frequencies down to 20Hz or lower.

Will subs make your music louder?

Larger subs do not have more group delay. However, larger subs do typically have lower distortion, can play louder, and can play deeper.

Are Subs louder with the windows down?

Personally, I think the sub sounds better with the windows up(more controlled sounding), and yes, louder with the windows down.

Will a subwoofer make my car slower?

Yes, it will obviously slow your car down.

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