Question: How rich is Jesy Nelson?

Who is the richest out of Little Mix?

Perrie Edwards has the highest net worth, with a whopping $9 million, and Jade Thirlwall not being too far behind with $8 million, (via Celebrity Net Worth). The next highest net worth is from former member Jesy Nelson at $3 million, (via Popbuzz).

How much does little mix earn?

Not much is known about Little Mixs salary. However, according to the same report, the band is said to have made £28.5 million since winning The X Factor, earning £1million in 2019 through touring and merchandise, despite not releasing a new song.

How much are Littlemix worth?

According to Wealthy Persons, the bands estimated net worth is said to be around £25million. Split down into each band member, Jade is said to be worth £7.3million while Perrie is said to have a net worth of £5.9million. The last member, Leigh-Anne is said to be worth an estimated £5.9million.

Will JESY still make money from Little Mix?

Little Mix formalising Jesy Nelsons exit so she cant make money from their tour. Little Mix are reportedly formalising Jesy Nelsons exit from the group to ensure she wont make money from their upcoming tour.

Who is the most famous person in Little Mix?

Perrie Edwards has the largest amount of followers, with 10.8million.

Who is the most famous Little Mix member?

Perrie EdwardsVocals Leigh-Anne PinnockVocalsJade ThirlwallVocalsJesy NelsonVocals Little Mix/Members

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