Question: What does giving someone cufflinks mean?

Cufflinks seems like a small detail, but they convey a sense of finality and give the impression that the man wearing them doesnt merely dress in the morning–he dresses to impress, because he knows he has places to go and people to see.

Traditionally worn by men, cufflinks are a rare form of accessory that blends decorative and functional properties. Cufflinks work to elevate a tux by replacing the sleeve buttons to incorporate a sleek, stylish look. They bring together the details of a tux, while also fastening the shirt cuff closed.

What kind of shirts use cuff links?

What kind of shirt do you wear cufflinks with? Cufflinks are traditionally worn with French cuff shirts. Having said that, any shirt that has holes for cufflinks instead of buttons, or in addition to buttons, can be worn with cufflinks.

In general, you want to match the metal color of your cuff links to other items in your outfit such as your rings or your belt buckle or your monk strap buckles. Some people even match it to their luggage or their suitcases.

Choose between the classic Double Cuff or French Cuff shirt if you decide to wear cufflinks. These types of shirts have two eyelets in the cuffs of the shirts through which you can place the cufflinks to fasten them securely.

Double cuffs, also known as French cuffs, are twice as long as regular cuffs and are then folded back on themselves and closed with cufflinks - great for those who like a more formal look.

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