Question: Does Erica Mena have a child?

Did Erica and safaree have a baby?

“We did it,” Erica told her social media fans. Erica Mena welcomed her son with Safaree last month. Safaree shared a candid of himself with Legend days before Erica took to Instagram to share her journey with the little one in the NICU. “Im feeling guilty, confused, and scared,” Erica told her social media supporters.

What disability does Erica Mena son have?

And she responded after someone said that her son is autistic. Erica wrote, “My son is actually an introvert.

Is Erica menas son sick?

Erica Menas son, Baby Legend, is currently hospitalized in the NICU, and fans think its because he was premature. On July 5, 2021, the Love & Hip Hop star took to Instagram stories to share a photo of Safaree Samuels and Kaylin Garcia together at an Independence Day gathering.

Does Erica Mena have an older son?

Erica Mena has three kids: two sons and a daughter. Fans of the Bronx native are likely aware of her 14-year-old son King Javien, whom she shares with Terror Squads Raul Conde. King can often be seen throughout her Instagram Stories and feed showing off his studious side and fun personality.

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