Question: How do I get GMX?

GMX makes email easy – you can sign up in just a few steps. First, click the Sign Up button on the GMX homepage. You will be asked to provide a few details such as your name, address, and date of birth. This personal data remains confidential – GMX will never share it with anyone else.

How do I create a GMX account?

FAQsClick on create an account located in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar.Enter a GMX email address of your choosing. Enter your gender, name, country, state, and date of birth.Choose a complex password. Pick a backup recovery option by including your mobile phone number and/or a secondary email address.More items

Is GMX free?

GMX Mail is a free advertising-supported email service provided by GMX (Global Mail eXchange, in Germany: Global Message eXchange). Users may access received GMX Mail via webmail, or using POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Mail is sent using SMTP.

How do I get Outlook GMX?

Setting Up Outlook (IMAP)To synchronize your e-mails with IMAP or POP3 you need to activate this feature in your GMX account. Click File → Info → Add account. Enter an email address to add your account.Click Advanced options and check the box for Let me set up my account manually.Click Connect.More items

Is GMX com safe? is a popular email service commonly used for personal account creation. Recent quality reports have classified with a low risk profile as most accounts originating from this domain are valid and safe.

Why is GMX mail not working?

Step 1: First, ask the sender whether he/she has entered your email address correctly in the To field. Step 2: You might have blocked the person who is trying to send you the email message. Step 3: Check the block list. If the senders email address is in the block list, remove it.

Does GMX delete inactive accounts?

Content and usage data is deleted after 180 days of inactivity in accordance with GMXs Terms and Conditions. If a user wishes to terminate his or her relationship with GMX, all data and the account will be deleted, provided this does not interfere with any other legally-established periods of safekeeping.


To access email sent to your GMX Mail account with another email program or service that uses the POP3 protocol, enter the following settings in the email program: GMX Mail POP server address: GMX Mail POP username: your full GMX Mail email address (

Is GMX Mail POP or IMAP?

Synchronize your GMX mailbox with Windows Mail. Your e-mail will be sent to your application in regularly intervals using IMAP. The images used in this instruction were made on a PC running Windows 8 and Windows Mail.

Is GMX better than Gmail?

Based in Germany, Global Mail Exchange (GMX) is a reliable Gmail alternative. Unlike Gmail, however, your emails wont be scanned for keywords to be used for advertising purposes later. Together with a mailbox, users get to take advantage of a free calendar, spam filter, and foolproof antivirus.

Does GMX delete old accounts?

The email address registered at GMX and the affiliated inbox is saved and later deleted in accordance with established legal periods. If a user wishes to delete his or her inbox, all data and the user account will be deleted, provided it does not interfere with any other legally-established periods of safekeeping.

Is there a GMX email?

Free Email Accounts: Discover the Potential | GMX Sign-up for a GMX email account and discover how you can send large attachments, archive unlimited correspondence and combine multiple email accounts into one easy-to-use interface. Usability: Easy to use and organize, your email account is streamlined with GMX.

Do GMX accounts expire?

Saving personal data Content and usage data is deleted after 180 days of inactivity in accordance with GMXs Terms and Conditions. The email address registered at GMX and the affiliated inbox will be saved in accordance with legal time frames and then deleted.

Is GMX an IMAP? supports IMAP / SMTP That means you dont have to use webmail interface! You can check your emails using other email programs (like Mailbird, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird). Using desktop email programs will make you more productive and your email will always be available, even offline.

How do I check my mail server SMTP?

Visit the forums at: Exchange Server, Exchange Online, or Exchange Online Protection.Step 1: Install the Telnet Client on your computer. Step 2: Find the FQDN or IP address of the destination SMTP server. Step 3: Use Telnet on Port 25 to test SMTP communication. Step 4: Success and error messages in the Telnet Session.Aug 20, 2021

How do I put GMX on my iPhone?

Add Gmx Email to iPhoneGo to iPhone settings option.Scroll down and tab Mail, Contacts and Calendars option.Choose Add Account available below iCloud tag and tab other (Other option only if your email provider not mentioned here.Choose Add Mail Account and enter.More items

Is Gmail a GMX?

Gmail has a website-style interface in the way users browse and manage their accounts. GMX, on the other hand, offers a more customizable, desktop-application-style environment similar to Outlook. GMX offers fewer settings for its users than Gmail, but the arrangement of tools and services is simpler.

Can I delete my GMX account?

Click Home and My Account. On the left side, click Delete Account. Click Delete Account. Enter your GMX password.

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