Question: What does search mean on Match?

A mutual match search finds and sorts people for you based on how many traits they have that youre looking for, and how many traits you have that theyre looking for. You can see how closely you match in each persons profile thumbnail (as highlighted in the screenshot below).

What does hide from search mean on match?

When you hide your profile, its no longer visible on the site, will no longer appear in search results, and will not be accessible to previous connections on the site. However, if you previously communicated with another member via email, they will be able to reply to you from their external email client.

Can people search you on match?

Locate the “Username Search” box that is located on the lower right side of the page. Type into the username search box the exact username of the person you want to look up. Click “Go” to view the profile. You will be able to view the persons online status, personal information and what she is looking for in a mate.

How do you search for keywords on match?

Match.coms Search enables you to find members who meet your specific preferences. Taking matters into your own hands was made easy with their quick search function and a whole lot of other options. All you need to do is specify your type, set your matching options and keywords, and click search. Voila!

How does discover work on match com?

Discover Nearby Singles By visiting Match.coms Discover section, you will have two options: Stream and Mixer. The Mixer feature will let you browse through single profiles just like in the Tinder dating app. You can swipe left to pass or swipe right to find a potential date and start connecting.

How do I reverse search on match?

To start searching, go to and log in (if you havent already). Move your mouse cursor over Search in the menu across the top, and then select one of the options from the drop-down menu (Go Search, Mutual Match, Reverse Match, and Community Search).

What does the purple star on match mean?

Super Swipe In Discover or Search mode, tap the star button to Super Swipe a potential match. When you Super Swipe on a profile, youll appear at the top of their daily batch and they will know you want to meet them (your profile will be shown with a star on it). They will also receive a notification by email if theyre enabled.

Will I know if someone blocked me on match?

You wont get notified automatically if someone blocks you. But you will see a notification if you try to send them a message. We know it feels horrible to be blocked by someone you like.

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