Question: How to get people together before a cruise?

Is it easy to make friends on a cruise?

Taking a cruise is a great way to relax, see different countries and try new activities. Since traveling on a cruise ship allows you to see the same people frequently, it is easy to turn those strangers into friends. Making friends will not only make your cruise more fun, but more memorable.

What is the average age of a cruise guest?

Cruisers spend, on average, approximately $1,770 per person, per week for their cruise and other vacations as compared to non-cruise vacationers who spend an average of $1,200. Cruisers average age is 50 years of age with a household income of $109,000.

What is the average age on Viking cruises?

between 45 and 65 years Generally speaking, the average age of the passengers is usually between 45 and 65 years.

What kind of people go on cruise ships?

Who goes on a cruise?People who want to see the world. Cruisers dont just wear floral shirts! People who want to explore. People who like to sample new things. People who are open-minded. People who are social. People who are generous. People who like to have fun. People who travel often.More items

Are Viking River Cruises worth it?

At the end of the day, when it comes to river cruising, you get what you pay for. Viking is certainly not the cheapest option on the water, but, they may just be the best. It may take a bit longer to save for a Viking cruise, but, it is definitely worth it – because YOU are worth it!

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