Question: How rare is an INTJ female?

This type is rare, and INTJ women make up only about one percent of the population.

Are INTJ females attractive?

All female INTJs are attractive, and these qualities do not just derive from their physical appearance. When it comes to feelings, female INTJs tend to act as though they rarely develop feelings because they do not want to be perceived as weak. Also, female INTJ tend to enjoy having their private space to themselves.

Are INTJ actually rare?

INTJs are among the least common of the personality types. But you dont see contradictory personality traits often and its only us rare bunch that earn the type of INTJ. Heres why INTJs are so rare and also the traits that make them appear odd to the outside world.

Is INTJ a a rare personality?

As one of the rarest personality types – and one of the most capable – Architects (INTJs) know this all too well. Rational and quick-witted, Architects may struggle to find people who can keep up with their nonstop analysis of everything around them.

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