Question: Where do I see my matches on Bumble?

Why is bumble not showing my matches?

There are four common reasons for not receiving any matches on Bumble. Your profile hasnt been filled out properly: Youve left a lot of details blank, which keeps your profile from being shown to the most relevant users.

How do I see my matches on Bumble without paying?

Select Chat Screen, Access from the bottom right corner of the screen.Next, Under the Match Queue section, Tap on Blurry picture profiles. and View all the Profile that is related to your interest. and Another Question in your mind is “why is my match queue blurry on bumble“. Thats it. Both methods are the same.22 Dec 2020

Does deleting and reinstalling Bumble?

Yes and no. There are no automatic punishments or “shadow bans” for deleting and recreating your Bumble profile. However, we have found that users who create multiple accounts in a short time (e.g. making five profiles in the span of two months) naturally tend to have fewer matches.

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