Question: How do you get through the first fight in a relationship?

How do I fix my first fight?

10 Foolproof Ways to Fix a FightGo play Kim Kardashian Hollywood for a minute. Explain your partners argument back to them. Flip for it. Find a third option you both dont hate. Take a break to bone. Decide whether or not you really care about this argument, and if you dont, just give in. Get your partner to laugh.More items •Oct 22, 2014

What should I text him after a fight?

“Im so sorry for the way I made you feel. I realize now that what I said was hurtful. You mean the world to me, and I promise Ill be more thoughtful in the future.” “I can say sorry over and over, but since actions speak louder than words ever could, come over and let me show you how sorry I really am.”

Should I talk first after a fight?

If youre wondering how long to wait after an argument before talking to your boyfriend, it is important for you to wait till you calm down. If you are still in the process of cooling down and try talking to him and the conversation does not go the way it expected, it will prolong the fight. Anger makes things worse.

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