Question: Is Kilabbey Ireland a real place?

Hallmarks new romantic comedy As Luck Would Have It was filmed entirely on location in Ireland. The Emerald Isle is the perfect setting for this new Spring Fling, set in the fictional town of Kilabbey. The story follows a woman from New York, Lindsey Johnson, traveling to this quiet coastal village in Ireland.

Where was As Luck Would Have It filmed in Ireland?

As Luck Would Have It shooting locations were shot in several places of Ireland including Waterford. One of the most notable locations of the movie is Lismore Castle, also called Caisleán an Leasa Mhóir. where Lindsay, the main character, wanted to build her resort.

What ethnicity is Dylan Obrien?

His father is of Irish descent, and his mother of Italian, English and Spanish descent. After graduating from Mira Costa High School in 2009, he considered pursuing sports broadcasting and possibly working for the New York Mets. At 14, OBrien began posting original videos onto his YouTube channel.

What is the best place to live in Ireland?

Top 10 best places to live in Ireland, rankedKillarney, Co. Kerry – reside in the Kingdom. Cork city, Co. Ennis, Co. Holywood, Co. Carlingford, Co. Westport, Co. Mayo – in the shadow of Croagh Patrick. Galway city, Co. Galway – for bohemian charm. Greystones, Co. Wicklow – your gateway to the capital.More items •14 Jul 2021

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