Question: How much is BC Hydro monthly?

How much is an average BC Hydro bill?

The average BC Hydro bill of someone living an apartment or condo is approximately $43 per month, compared to a single- family home with an average monthly bill of $103.

Do you pay for water in Surrey?

Annual utility charges for water and sewer service are from January 1 to December 31 for the calendar year. The amount is based on a flat rate due April 2 each year. A 5% penalty is charged on outstanding balances after April 2, and another 5% penalty is added on outstanding balances after July 2.

What bills do you have to pay when renting?

Council Tax, utilities and service chargesWater bills (usually paid monthly)Service charges (in some properties – paid monthly or annually)Council Tax (usually paid monthly - England, Scotland and Wales) or rates bill (N.I)Gas and electricity bills (either by a pre-payment meter, monthly by Direct debit)

Is Surrey cheaper than Vancouver?

Surrey has Vancouver beat when it comes to low rental prices. Numbeo reports that its up to 20.56% cheaper to rent. Plus, youll find that in Surrey, you could even get a two-bedroom for less than the cost of a one-bedroom in Vancouver.

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