Question: Which country is first date?

First Dates is a British reality television programme that has aired on Channel 4 since 20 June 2013. The programme has been narrated by Brian Protheroe since 2015.

Who are the First Dates staff?

Inside the real life love lives of all the staff who appear on Fred Sirieix. Relationship status: Engaged. Merlin Griffiths. Relationship status: In a relationship. Laura Tott. Relationship status: Engaged. Cici Coleman. Austin Ventour. Grant Urquhart. Francesco Ciccarelli. David Marc.29 Apr 2021

Where is Italys First Dates?

the Aquapetra Resort and Spa First Dates Hotel is filmed at the Aquapetra Resort and Spa in Telese, South Italy. The first series of the show was originally filmed at Le Vieux Castillon in France, but switched to the Italian villa after just one season.

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