Question: What was Bumble IPO price?

How much was Bumble bought for?

In 2019, the holding company for Bumble and Badoo was acquired by investment firm Blackstone for $3 billion.

Is Bumble stock overpriced?

I believe that Bumble is highly overpriced like most of the tech stocks right now. Im convinced that the small probability of being fairly valued represents a good short play as soon as the company starts missing growth expectations .About BMBL.SymbolLast Price% ChgBMBLPost55.19 55.054.01% -0.25%May 6, 2021

Is Bumble a good stock to buy right now?

Should You Buy, Sell or Hold Bumble Stock? As of July 16, 2021, Bumbles stock price is $49.09 per share and down -0.93%. Zacks stock-rating service currently ranks Bumble as a hold. However, according to CNN Business, a poll of 16 investment analysts indicated that the stock is currently a buy.

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