Question: What is BBM app used for?

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is a free instant messaging app. It has since become quite popular for its features and the fact that it allows users to send messages to each other, free of charge, no matter the network or phone type.

How does BBM work?

BBM Enterprise works by adding an additional level of encryption to messages sent between BBM Enterprise users by securely exchanging a set of public keys that are unique to those two users. The first time two BBM Enterprise users initiate a chat, a secret passphrase is shared by email, SMS, phone or in person.

Is BBM still free?

Starting today, BBM Enterprise will be available through the Google Play Store and eventually from the Apple App Store. The service will be free for one year and after that, $2.49 for six months of service. BBMe can be downloaded on any device that uses Android, iOS, Windows or MAC operating systems.

Why BBM is shutting down?

BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, the encrypted messaging service that introduced many to the joys of mobile chat – and was blamed for the 2011 London riots – is finally shutting down on Friday.

Are BBM messages encrypted?

BlackBerry Messenger utilizes PIN encryption keys to encrypt a message before it is sent. These messages are then decrypted by the recipients device using its own PIN encryption key.

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