Question: Who are all the people Declan Donnelly has dated?

Who are cat Deeleys parents?

Howard Deeley Janet Deeley Cat Deeley/Parents Cat Deeley hugs her dad Howard in a sweet throwback snap as she wishes him a happy Fathers Day. She has been quarantining in the U.K. with her husband Patrick Kielty and their sons Milo, four, and James, two.

Has ant got a partner?

Lisa Armstrongm. 2006–2018 Ant McPartlin/Spouse

Is Cat Deeley famous in USA?

Cat Deeley is an English TV presenter who rose to fame hosting kids TV show SMTV Live - a job which netted her a childrens BAFTA award in 2001. She worked closely with comedy duo Ant and Dec, who have since teased a reunion of SMTV.

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