Question: Where are Gretsch Catalina Club drums made?

The Catalina Club range is made in Taiwan, immediately making it cheaper than Gretschs USA-built pro drums. The shells are nine-ply Philippines mahogany, that old staple of budget drums. Theyre smoothly sanded inside, and have gentle 30 degree bearing edges rather than the more familiar 45.

Where are Gretsch Catalina drums made?

South Carolina And in 2017, Hal Leonard joined the Gretsch Drums Team as the exclusive US distributor of the Renown, Catalina, and Energy series drums. Gretschs Custom & Signature Series drums continue to be manufactured in Ridgeland, South Carolina, to this day.

What wood is Gretsch Catalina Club?

mahogany These Catalina Club drums have 6-ply 100-percent mahogany shells, and not maple/gum shells for you Gretsch purists. Like many, but not all of their recent kits, these drums have Gretschs classic 30-degree bearing edges.

What is Catalina wood?

The Catalina is a gorgeous fire pit that accentuates any outdoor environment. Its woodgrain finish adds a touch of nature to your fire pit. Because of its handmade nature slight variations in color and texture may occur.

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