Question: Who is Waje engaged to?

40 years, Waje announces her engagement to fellow Musician, Ric Hassani who is 32 years old. Aunt Waje don propose to ric Hassani o: And theyll be tying the knot pretty soon; it seem so to say. In 2019, Waje had an interview with TheCable Lifestyle talked about her initial move to quit music.40 years, Waje announces her engagement to fellow Musician, Ric Hassani

Who is Waje getting married to?

Ric Hassani Nigerian singer and actress Waje is about to get married. The 40 year-old artiste announced the good news in an Instagram post Tuesday, with a cryptic message that accompanied her photo with her beau, Ric Hassani.

What happened to Waje?

2019–present: Hermanes Media and She Is In March 2019, Waje revealed her intentions to quit music professionally. She said she was considering quitting because of the lack of support towards her music. In December 2019, she teamed up with another Nigerian rap artiste, Zoro, to release a single titled Ngwa.

How old is Ric Hassan?

32 years (January 6, 1989) Ric Hassani/Age

Who is D richest female musician in nigeria?

Richest female artist in africa List of the richest women in africa Top 10 richest musicians in kenya Simi is one of the richest female musicians in nigeria in Tinashe is the richest female musician with a net worth of 6 million.

Who is the richest artist in nigeria?

18 hours ago · Bobi wine is the richest artist in east africa with a net worth of around 73 million. Olamide who appeared on nigerias richest musician 6th ranking has clinched the number one spot as the richest rapper in nigeria.

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