Question: Do you need an amplifier for an aftermarket radio?

You dont NEED an amplifier at any time. If you dont care about the sound quality and you are happy to use the system you have, then theres no reason to buy an aftermarket amplifier. The clarity, sound quality and volume of bass will all confirm for you that you do, in fact, need an amp for better sound.

Do aftermarket car stereos have built-in amps?

Car audio head units in all basic factory sound systems have small, built-in amplifiers to power a handful of speakers. Meanwhile, premium factory-installed sound systems usually use larger, more powerful outboard amplifiers that are separate from the head unit to power more speakers and achieve better sound quality.

Is a amplifier necessary?

You dont need an amplifier. An amplifiers job is to increase the power output of your source to the level you want, and if whatever youre using to listen to music can do that on its own: a lack of power isnt one of your issues. You can stop reading here and go enjoy your audio adventures!

Do I need an amplifier for my home stereo system?

Do you need a receiver and amplifier? Typically, no. An A/V receiver has a built-in amplifier. An A/V receiver is able to receive an audio signal, process it, amplify the signal to the speakers, and allow video to pass-through to a TV or projector.

Do aftermarket speakers need an amp?

A: In most cases, yes. Aftermarket speakers will certainly sound better with a little more juice, but most of our speakers will sound just fine with factory power. Low-efficiency speakers can sound great, but theyll need a high-powered receiver or amplifier for energy.

How do I choose a stereo amplifier?

Generally you should pick an amplifier that can deliver power equal to twice the speakers program/continuous power rating. This means that a speaker with a “nominal impedance” of 8 ohms and a program rating of 350 watts will require an amplifier that can produce 700 watts into an 8 ohm load.

Do amplifiers make speakers louder?

A better amp will make your speakers play louder and sound better, but it wont make bad speakers sound like good speakers. Many speakers have a maximum wattage rating on the back. High-end amplifier companies make amps with more than 1,000 watts, and you could plug in a $50 speaker into it with no problem.

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