Question: How do you meet people with similar music tastes?

Moosify promises to help you meet new people through music and places, without the actual need to go to any places to listen to music. Available as a Spotify app or for iPhone or for Android, Moosify lets you connect with people with similar tastes in music or near your vicinity.

Is it weird that I dont like music?

It turns out that there are totally normal people who just arent that into music. A group of reseachers working mostly in Spain, who published their findings in a recent edition of Current Biology, call this condition “musical anheodnia,” a fancy way of saying that someone isnt able to derive pleasure from music.

How do you make your music taste unique?

How to Have a Diverse Taste in Music1 Use a music streaming app.2 Look for music thats similar to what you know you like.3 Create playlists to make your streaming app suggest new music.4 Make radio stations in your app to find fresh songs.5 Browse music by genre to find new artists.More items

Is there anyone that doesnt like music?

Apparently, some people dont get music, researchers have found. Although these people may be capable of experiencing pleasure in other ways — such as through food, money or sex — they dont enjoy music, according to a study published online today (March 6) in the journal Current Biology.

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