Question: Which is better Noosa or Mooloolaba?

Mooloolaba is a great family option for a Sunshine Coast holiday and much more affordable than Noosa. Restaurants are cheaper and youll easily be able to find a decent affordable apartment with ocean views like we did here. If youre after more of a budget option holiday, Mooloolaba is a great place to stay.

Is Noosa a good holiday destination?

Noosa is easily one of Australias favourite holiday destinations. With its pristine beaches, iconic surf culture and subtropica

Is Noosa a rich area?

SUNSHINE Beach has topped the list as the most expensive suburb to buy a slice of Sunshine Coast paradise. Unsurprisingly, Noosa Heads and Doonan also made the top 10. But a short drive south-west will have you in the cheapest place to buy - Kenilworth.

What is the best time to visit Noosa?

For September to November, Spring is the perfect time to visit Noosa as the chance of rain is minimal but the sunshine is plentiful. The lowest average annual rainfall, spring brings clear skies, warm temperatures and the perfect weather for enjoying the beaches and national parks.

Where do celebrities stay in Noosa?

Celebrity Sighting - 10 Hastings Street CafeSouth Pacific.Australia.Queensland.Sunshine Coast.Noosa.Noosa Restaurants.10 Hastings Street Cafe.

Is Noosa overpriced?

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland says Noosa is the most expensive housing market in the state. The average house price has surpassed $900,000, an annual growth of 15.4 per cent.

Do I need a car in Noosa?

Theres a lot to explore in the hinterland, on Noosa North Shore or on Fraser Island but you really dont need your own car to get there. If youd prefer to explore alone and set your own agenda, then hiring a car is easy. You can even rent an open-air beach buggy if you want to spread the holiday vibe.

Why is Noosa so popular?

Sophisticated, stylish and cosmopolitan, the holiday oasis of Noosa is one of Australias most desirable holiday destinations. Its proximity to sand, sea and nature combined with its sophisticated charm make it the perfect place for a quick getaway or long, lazy holiday.

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