Question: What to know about being deaf?

What do you know about deaf?

Deaf/deaf and hard-of-hearing people are not “silent” at all. They use sign language, lip-reading, vocalizations, and so on to communicate. Communication is not reserved for hearing people alone, and vocal speech is not the only way to communicate. As I said in the last sentence, Deaf people are NOT silent.

What thing are important to deaf people?

Everything from the Internet to video phones, closed-captioning for television, TTY, visual ring signalers, and message relay services allow hearing people to communicate with Deaf people. Social media has also played an important role in helping Deaf people communicate quickly and easily with each other.

What can a deaf person do?

Deaf people have two main ways of communicating with others – lip reading and sign language. Learn more about these two forms of communication below. Deaf people may not be able to hear what youre saying, but that doesnt mean they cant understand you.

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