Question: What is Melbourne Florida known for?

The city is the site of the Florida Institute of Technology (1958). In 1969 Melbourne consolidated with Eau Gallie, just to the north. Patrick Air Force Base is nearby. Melbourne is home to the Brevard Museum of Art and Science and the Brevard Zoo.

Why is Melbourne FL called Melbourne?

Origins of the Melbourne, Florida, Name The area began to be called Melbourne eight years before the town was officially established. A name was needed because a post office was being established to serve families in the area.

Does Melbourne Florida get hurricanes?

In regards to Floridas weather, and by extension, Melbournes, unfortunately, you cant have 234 days of sunshine and hot temperatures without the risk of hurricanes. A good thing to Melbournes location is the fact that the risk of hurricanes is actually less here than it is in other coastal areas of Florida.

Does Melbourne have good beaches?

Though best known for its coffee, food and cultural scene, Melbourne also has its fair share of charming beaches. From family-friendly swimming spots to fishing and boating havens, check out 10 of the citys best beaches below!

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