Question: What is special in Guwahati?

What is the special in Assam?

Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk. The state was the first site for oil drilling in Asia. Assam is home to the one-horned Indian rhinoceros, along with the wild water buffalo, pygmy hog, tiger and various species of Asiatic birds, and provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant.

What is the importance of Guwahati?

The capital was moved 67 miles (108 km) south to Shillong in 1874. Guwahati is an important river port and Assams principal commercial centre. It has an oil refinery and a state farm, and its industries include tea processing, milling of agricultural products, and soap manufacturing.

What is famous food of Assam?

Get to Know Assam with these 10 DishesOmita Khar. Khar is banana peels ash extract and is similar to sodium bicarbonate. Duck with Kumura (white gourd) Locally called haa, duck is one of the most popular meats consumed by Assamese folks. Kol-phool with Duck/Chicken/Fish. Alu/Bengena Pitika. Fish Cooked in Banana Leaf.24 May 2018

Who is the father of Assam?

Baikunthanatha Bhagavata Bhattacharya Bhattadeva (1558–1638)(অসমীয়া: বৈকুণ্ঠনাথ ভাগৱত ভট্টাচাৰ্য), (Baikunthanatha Bhagavata Bhattacharya) is acknowledged as the father of Assamese prose .Bhattadeva.Baikunthanatha Bhagavata BhattacharyaLanguageAssamese language of Early AssameseNationalityIndianPeriodMediaval period5 more rows

What is the old name of Assam?

Pragjyotisha However, from the two epics and other ancient literature, we know that the ancient name of Assam was Pragjyotisha, with present-day Guwahati being known as Pragjyotishpura, the city of Eastern Lights.

What is famous food in Kerala?

Dont leave Kerala without trying…Appam with stew. Karimeen pollichathu (fish) Malabar Parotta with Kerala beef curry. Erissery or pumpkin and lentil curry. Palada payasam (dessert) Kerala prawn curry (chemmeen curry) Thalassery biriyani. Fish moilee.More items

Who is the 1st rich man in Assam?

Badruddin Ajmal Ali said, Badruddin Ajmal is the richest man of Assam and he has cheated every one.

Who was the first IAS of Assam?

Jamchonga Nampui He was the first person from Assam to be directly recruited to the IAS as well as the first Scheduled Tribe IAS officer in India when he cleared the civil services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in 1954 .Jamchonga NampuiPersonal detailsOccupationCivil Servant6 more rows

Who is first king of Assam?

king Sukaphaa The office of the Ahom king, was reserved exclusively for the descendants of the first king Sukaphaa (1228–1268) who came to Assam from Mong Mao in 1228. Succession was by agnatic primogeniture. Nevertheless, following Rudra Singhas deathbed injunction four of his five sons became the king one after the other.

What is the famous festival of Kerala?

Onam Onam is the most important and popular festival in Kerala. Celebrated with much pomp and fervor, Onam is a harvest festival. Onam is also called Thiruonam and it is celebrated at the beginning of the month Chingam of Malayalam calendar.

What is Kerala style Indian food?

Kerala cuisine is a culinary style originated in the Kerala, a region in the south of India. Kerala cuisine offers a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and red meat with rice a typical accompaniment.

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