Question: Who is Jordon Sparks dating?

The “Double Tap” singer, 27, just revealed shes married to Dana Isaiah — and theyre expecting their first child. Sparks, who started dating the model earlier this year, didnt hold back in expressing her newfound love for him on Instagram this past July on International Kissing Day.

Who is Jordan spark husband?

Dana Isaiahm. 2017 Jordin Sparks/Husband

How old is Jordan Sparks?

31 years (December 22, 1989) Jordin Sparks/Age

Does Jordin Sparks have a baby?

Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. was born May 2, 2018. He is Jordin Sparkss only child. Jordin gave birth with a midwife, she told People at the time. It was miraculously beautiful.

Is Jordan Sparks still singing?

This is the first weve heard from Sparks since her solo release in 2015, but the Grammy-nominated singer and American Idol alum clearly still has the vocals to fuel the powerful soul- and gospel-tinged ballad. In 2019, Jordin released a joint EP with R&B singer Elijah Blake, entitled 1990 Forever.

Who is Jordan Sparks dad?

Phillippi Sparks Jordin Sparks/Fathers Early life. Sparks was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to Jodi (née Wiedmann) Jackson and former professional American football player Phillippi Sparks. Jordin has a younger brother, Phillippi PJ Sparks Jr., who plays football at Arizona Christian University.

Whats Jordan Sparks doing now?

She recently partnered with fitness brands like Bandier and has been out and about rocking a FitBit. From the looks of her Instagram, she is also currently partnered with Herbalife Nutrition, promoting products like protein powders and concentrates, as well as brands like Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee and Sweetarts.

Did Jordin Sparks marry Jason?

Sparks, the youngest-ever winner of American Idol, and Derulo, an up and coming rapper and songwriter, were together for years and many fans believed that they would end up tying the knot. Sadly, they broke up in 2014, and Sparks has since moved on to get married and have a baby.

Does Jordan Sparks sing in sparkle?

Weeks after filming was completed, Sparks had to do a little work on some of the vocal tracks for “Sparkle,” tracks on which Houston — whose character is a former professional singer turned church choir leader — also sang.

Who Jason Derulo dating?

Jena Frumes Jason Derulo and girlfriend Jena Frumes are expecting their first child.

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