Question: How does theCHIVE work?

Why is Bill Murray the face of theCHIVE?

Murray first got involved with theChive following sales of t-shirts that featured the comedians face. When Murray caught wind of the widely successful t-shirt line, all he asked was that theChive sponsor his annual charity golf tournament in exchange for capitalizing on his image.

Why does theCHIVE app use so much?

If you are getting low on free space and delete all the newspapers to clean up, why does the app still take up so much space? Because of data stored in cache. No problem, its handled automatically! The device will also clear cache automatically when its running out of space.

Is chive on Roku?

The Chivery - CHIVE TV is now streaming FREE for all Roku

Why do people put Bill Murray stickers on their cars?

If you put a Bill Murray sticker on your car, the Bill Murray decal protects your car from being stolen or vandalized. It is also guaranteed protection from wrecks and fender benders.

Does TikTok use a lot of storage?

The more you use the app, the more it will consume storage space and slow down your phone and TikTok app itself. It is a good idea to clear cache files and data from time to time. You are not going to lose your profile or associated data, but doing so will only improve your user experience. Thats what you want.

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