Question: How to keep the conversation going on a dating app?

How do you keep conversations going Bumble?

To keep a conversation going on Tinder or Bumble, youll have to start somewhere .Tips for messaging on Bumble and TinderWhen you receive a match, send a message right away. When you receive the first message, respond right away! READ their profile.

What do I say to keep a conversation going on tinder?

Youre on Tinder to find a potential romantic partner, so it makes sense to talk about what you both want. Be honest about your intentions up front and what you expect from them. Then, ask them what theyre looking for. You might say, “Im looking for a long-term relationship, but I want to take things slow.

What to say when they dont respond?

“Im writing about ___. Im sorry if Ive overlooked your response. Im looking for (whatever) by (this date) to (wrap this up, proceed, etc.). Depending on the context I might say, “If you have chosen to go another direction with this (project, proposal, etc.), dont hesitate to let me know.”

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