Question: Is Tucson expensive to live?

With a cost of living thats 6% lower than the national average and 5% lower than the state average, Tucson is an affordable place to live in Arizona. Housing costs are also 25% lower than the national average with median home prices around $132,200 and median rent prices around $772.

How much money do you need to live in Tucson?

Tucson cost of living is 91.6COST OF LIVINGTucsonUSAGrocery95.5100Health81.5100Housing80.4100Median Home Cost$185,800$231,2004 more rows

How much does it cost to live comfortably in Tucson?

According to Finder, the required salary needed to buy an average home in Tucson and “live comfortably” would be around $48,635. Thats more than what two minimum wage-earners in one household earn.

Is Tucson a bad place to live?

“Tucson is one of the only cities in the Southwest to rank among the worst places to live,” the study reports, before ticking off reasons why thats so. The economy is slow-growing, the property crime rate is crazy there, and the population is transient, making it difficult to establish a strong community.

Is it cheaper to live in Tucson or Phoenix?

The cost of living is 13.2% more expensive to live in Phoenix than in Tucson according to

What is a good salary in Tucson?

Hourly Salary in Tucson, AZAnnual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$50,519$4,20975th Percentile$37,889$3,157Average$32,094$2,67425th Percentile$24,324$2,027

Is Tucson a good place to retire?

Our city ranked 36th overall in best places to retire across the country. Tucson had an overall score of 52.55, and ranked 70 in affordability, 46 in activities, 27 in quality of life, and 121 in health care.

Is Tucson AZ cheap?

An Affordable City with Steady Growth With a cost of living thats 6% lower than the national average and 5% lower than the state average, Tucson is an affordable place to live in Arizona. Since it is one of the more affordable cities in Arizona, its no wonder why Tucson has grown by nearly 5% in the last decade!

Whats the richest city in Arizona?

Paradise Valley Nestled in Maricopa County, Paradise Valley is the richest city in Arizona (and one of the richest in the country). Its quiet charm and privacy attracts affluent business moguls, celebrities, sports figures, and residents looking for a private oasis. With a population of 14,637, the median household income is $211,393.

Is Tucson AZ a nice place to live?

Great for Snowbirds & Retirees Warm weather, sunny skies, and little to no snow each year are all reasons why snowbirds like to live in Tucson. With lower independent living costs, a variety of outdoor activities for older adults, and no tax on Social Security benefits, Tucson is a popular place to retire in Arizona.

What is the nicest suburb of Tucson?

Best Suburbs in TucsonGreen Valley. Just 20 miles outside of Tucson to the west of the Santa Cruz River, Green Valley is a quaint suburb surrounded by copper mines and a variety of outdoor activities in the nearby Santa Rita Mountains. Dove Mountain. Catalina Foothills. Sahuarita. Oro Valley.Mar 9, 2021

What are the safest parts of Tucson?

The top three safest neighborhoods in Tucson are Saguaro Miraflores, Tucson Park West, and Houghton. Saguaro Miralores has a crime rate 54% lower than that of the national average.

How Safe Is Tucson Water?

“The water is safe for all uses including drinking,” Tucson Water said in a fact sheet last week. “It was also safe during the time period discussed in the Sept. 30, 2018 Arizona Daily Star article.” Yet the EPA and another federal agency appear to be at odds over this very issue.

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