Question: How old is Rockmond Dunbar?

Where is Rockmond Dunbar from?

Berkeley, California, United States Rockmond Dunbar/Place of birth

Who played Pookie?

Rockmond DunbarThe Game Pookie/Voiced by

Who plays the black sheriff on Sons of Anarchy?

actor Rockmond Dunbar Portrayed by Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt was the head of the San Joaquin County Sheriff Department, Charming-Morada Sub-Station on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Rockmond Dunbar, Eli makes his debut on the episode Out in the series fourth season.

What is Rockmond Dunbar in?

Rockmond Dunbar (born January 11, 1973) is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as Baines on the NBC series Earth 2, Kenny Chadway on Showtime family drama Soul Food, and Benjamin Miles C-Note Franklin on the Fox crime drama Prison Break.

How tall is Rockmond Dunbar?

1.8 m Rockmond Dunbar/Height

Who plays the female doctor on Longmire?

star Ally Walker Profiler star Ally Walker joined Longmire for its fourth season as Dr. Donna Sue Monahan, a psychiatrist who works with veterans, and a woman who has a great rapport with Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), despite being under suspicion of illegal drug activity.

What is the meaning of Pooky?

New Word Suggestion. [slang] a person who is lame; not cool.

Who killed Roosevelts wife in Sons of Anarchy?

Season 5. Eli Roosevelts wife Rita is going through pregnancy. However, she ends up getting shot in the stomach by masked men hired by Clay Morrow. Clay intended to not kill her, but to kidnap her to sabotage Jaxs relationship with Eli and the club.

Who attacked the sheriffs wife in Sons of Anarchy?

Early in season 2, Gemma is raped by Sons of Anarchy rival AJ Weston and two other unknown men wearing white masks. During the assault, Gemma is told to tell Clay that it will happen again if he does not end his dealings with minorities.

Who did Rockmond Dunbar play in GREYs anatomy?

Sean Brotherton Rockmond Dunbar played Sean Brotherton in the season four Greys Anatomy episode Physical Attraction Chemical Reaction. He also played Jacob Deever in the season four Private Practice episode All in the Family.

How tall is Wentworth Miller?

1.85 m Wentworth Miller/Height

What is Rockmond Dunbars religion?

C-Note, who became a devout Muslim in the seven years between iterations of Prison Break, has been one of the event series most prominently featured characters from the shows original run, joining Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) on his mission to rescue Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) — or “Snowflake,” as C-

Who is the father of Vics baby on Longmire?

In season 6 the fans might see her involved in the Irish mob. According to Jobs & Hire, Vic is pregnant but it is still unknown who the father is. Some people say she will raise her baby alone, while others say she will accept Will Longmire as a father to the baby.

Who does Cady Longmire marry?

Michael Moretti In the same book, Cady marries Philadelphia Police Officer Michael Moretti, the brother of Walts undersheriff, Vic Moretti, on the Rez; Michael and she had been seeing each other since Kindness Goes Unpunished and engaged since The Dark Horse. In Any Other Name, Cady gives birth to a daughter, Lola Longmire Moretti.

Is Pooky a boy or girl?

Pooky - Boys name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What does it mean if a girl calls you Pookie?

New Word Suggestion. [slang] a person who is lame; not cool.

Who killed the sheriff in Sons of Anarchy?

Unser He is later visited by Clay and the two discuss their relationship and the ties between them, when Gogo and Greg break down the door. Unser shoots Gogo with a double-barreled shotgun and Clay kills Greg with a shot to the head from his pistol.

Who kills Eli SOA?

Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) The sheriff of Charming was killed by Juice after he walked in on Gemma standing over Taras dead body in the season six finale.

Who broke into Gemmas house?

Clay Morrow 16) episode, along with some earlier episodes of season five.] Although the SAMCRO motorcycle club originally thought it was a rival gang attacking the homes of their friends and family, it turns out the man behind the attacks was one of their own — former club leader Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman).

Who kills Bobby SOA?

After seemingly being released by August, later on, is instead killed by August in front of Jax as punishment for his betrayal. He meets his demise on the episode What a Piece of Work is Man, in the series seventh, and final, season.

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