Question: What to expect from a Cape Town Girl?

What can you do in Cape Town with your girlfriend?

The best date ideas in Cape TownPamper yourselves with a couples massage. Take a helicopter ride. Take a sunset boat cruise. Ride a speedboat at Waterfront. See a movie at the drive-in. Take a hot air balloon ride. Take a sunset cable-car trip. Go horse-riding on Noordhoek Beach.More items

Is Cape Town safe for female Travellers?

Safety in Cape Town is a valid concern. Although most of the violent crimes happen out in the townships or isolated areas, there have been some armed robberies in tourist places. The remote areas should definitely be avoided if you are alone but also be aware that there is higher crime rate in the big cities.

Is Cape Town good for kids?

Cape Town is an excellent destination for families. There is the perfect blend of adventure activities, history, and culinary experiences to keep each member of the family happy.

How nice is Cape Town?

Cape Town, South Africas second-largest city, ranks among the most beautiful in the world. Two World Heritage Sites, the sprawling Winelands, nature reserves, botanic gardens and a buzzing waterfront are just the start of the adventure.

What can a 4 year old do in Cape Town?

Blue Train Park (Mouille Point) V&A Waterfront. PlayDate SuperPark (The Watershed, V&A Waterfront) The Play Shed (Pinelands) Bugz Playpark (Joostenberg Vlakte) Giraffe House (Muldersvlei) Green Point Park (Green Point) The Little Gym (Seapoint)More items •Mar 19, 2020

What is there to do in Cape Town on a Sunday?

Fun Things to Do in Cape Town on a SundayBay Harbour Market @ Hout Bay – every Sunday (09h30 to 16h00)Market on the Wharf @ V&A Waterfront – every Sunday (09h30 – 18h00)Kirstenbosch Craft Market @ Newlands – last Sunday of the month (09h00 – 15h00)More items

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