Question: What is the Unitarian symbol?

Summary: The official symbol of Unitarian Universalism is a flaming chalice. Originally a sign of refuge for those escaping Nazi persecution, the symbol now holds meanings as varied as the thousands of U.U. congregations that light chalices at the beginning of their weekly services.

What does this symbol mean UU?

U.U means Expressing sympathy.

What do UUS believe?

Most Unitarian Universalists believe that nobody has a monopoly on all truth, or ultimate proof of the truth of everything in any one belief. Therefore, ones own truth is unprovable, as is that of others. Consequently, we should respect the beliefs of others, as well as their right to hold those beliefs.

What is a Unitarian God?

God is one Unitarianism rejects the mainstream Christian doctrine of the Trinity, or three Persons in one God, made up of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They typically believe that God is one being - God the Father, or Mother. Jesus was simply a man, not the incarnate deity.

What is Unitarian creed?

Unitarian beliefs There is no Unitarian creed - i.e. there is no specified list of things that Unitarians must believe. Unitarians are sceptical about any one person or tradition possessing the whole truth. They are also increasingly aware of the inherent value of diversity for the wellbeing of the natural world.

Do Unitarians wear crosses?

Unitarian Universalists, Unitarians and Universalists might also display a flaming chalice on clothing, jewelry, their cars, or in their homes as a symbol of their faith, much as Christians display a cross or as Jews display a Star of David.

Where did the flaming chalice come from?

According to USC director Charles Joy, Deutsch took his inspiration from the chalices of oil burned on ancient Greek and Roman altars. It became an underground symbol in occupied Europe during World War II for those assisting Unitarians, Jews, and other people to escape Nazi persecution.

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