Question: How do I know if my Chinese vase is worth anything?

Valuable Chinese vases can be distinguished by the quality and finesse of their decoration. The work done on them is much more precise than on an ordinary object. The subject matter is also important (the taste for certain themes can be influenced by cultural events highlighting a specific period).

Where can I sell my Chinese vase?

The Best Places To Sell Your Chinese Pottery And PorcelainAuction. Auction houses are a popular place to try and sell niche items, including Chinese antique pottery. Dealer. The next place most sellers consider is a professional dealer. Collector. Ebay. Consignment.Mar 21, 2016

How much is a Ming vase worth?

When the word Ming vase is mentioned to the general public most will automatically think of something worth millions but this is not necessarily the case, a non imperial (Minyao) genuine Ming period vase can be picked up for as little as $100, whereas a genuine imperial Ming vase could be worth many millions depending

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