Question: Who killed Winston Sleeping Dogs?

After the preparations were done, Winston invited Wei to his wedding. However, the reception was attacked by the Jade Gang, disguised as both the 18K Triad and catering staff, led by Johnny Ratface. Winston was shot, and died holding the body of his wife.

Did Peggy die in Sleeping Dogs?

During reception, the wedding was ambushed and attacked by the Jade Gang, disguised as both the 18K Triad and the catering staff and led by Johnny Ratface. Both Peggy and Winston were shot and killed in the massacre, falling victim to the power struggle within the triad.

Will So Mun become a counter again?

Wi-gen tells So Mun that with the powers, he is no different to an evil spirit. The Counters end back in the living realm. So Mun hasnt died, but his hair has returned to normal, and he can no longer walk properly; he isnt a Counter. He also has to remove his grandparents memories; they knew So Mun could walk again.

Who killed Jeongyeon in uncanny counter?

The Counters were chasing after a level 3 demon: Ji Cheong-Sin (Jeon Jin-Oh). Unfortunately, Cheong-Sin defeated all of them, killing Cheol-Jung and devoured his soul.

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